We are widely dealing with cosmetic raw materials principally silicone materials.


|Development of New Raw Materials|
For newly-developed raw materials, not only do we introduce the raw materials themselves, but we also propose the formulae.
Even for the known existing raw materials, we try to propose new usage and applications as well.
Fuji Kasei is developing proprietary new products from cosmetics raw materials, and we have started the manufacturing and distribution of some of the developed products in our factory in China.

|Research and Study|
While reliability and safety are the key requirements for raw materials used in cosmetics, laws and regulations are being strengthened globally at the same time.
As it is important to confirm the safety and respond to all the laws and regulations of the products offered by us, we make efforts to conduct studies and investigations so we can provide information to our customers.
In addition, we also work as a representative in working with application procedures related to laws and regulations.

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