We are widely dealing with cosmetic raw materials principally silicone materials.

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|Trading firm|

We initially started out as a manufacturer and distributor of pigments. Focusing on pigments, we have been selling raw materials for general industries by leveraging on our experiences since the end of World War II.
Today, we emphasize more on the sales of raw materials for cosmetics, such as silicone oil, pigments and so on.
Our roles are to promptly grasp the needs of our users, find out the raw materials that meet those needs, and propose them to the manufacturers.
In 2010, we established a local corporation in Shanghai, China, in order to respond to the expansion of the related businesses in China.


We believe that China is a very significant market for us.
In order to have the same performance in China as in Japan, we established a powder fabricating factory in Shanghai, China, in 2010.

|Development and Study of Cosmetics Ingredients|

Research and study of new raw materials are essential for a better performance of cosmetics.
We believe that merely the launch of new products onto the cosmetics market by the raw materials manufacturers cannot meet the high-performance that is being required of cosmetics. Therefore, we, Fuji Kasei, also undertake the development of new products by ourselves.
These days, the ingredients of cosmetics are becoming more and more diversified. Thus, it is crucial to verify the relations between diversification with safety, laws and regulations, where we at Fuji Kasei are also helping with the verification procedures.

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